Anodized Brushed Reflective aluminum plate – Manufacturers, Factory, Supplier, Exporters From China

Anodized Brushed Reflective aluminum plate – Manufacturers, Factory, Supplier, Exporters From China

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We can offer high quality reflective aluminum plate with competitive price and best customer service. Our destination is ,You come here with difficulty and we give you a smile to take away, for ,,, welcomes all overseas friends and merchants to establish collaboration with us. We will provide you with honest, high quality and efficient service to meet your requirements.

Reflective aluminum plate supplier RAYIWELL MFG can supply 1050 1060 1070 2024 3003 4017 5052 aluminum plate, anodized aluminum sheet, Brushed aluminum sheet, Mirror finished aluminum sheet, diamond aluminum plate, aluminum tread plate, 5 bars aluminum plate, 3 bars aluminum plate coil at very competitive price.

Reflective aluminum plate generally refers to mirror aluminum, and the reflective rate of reflective aluminum plate is stable around 85%. Provide reflective aluminum plate products of various thicknesses all year round, widely used in lamp lighting, architectural decoration, sign nameplates and other industries.

Our mirror aluminum sheet can be divided into cast-rolled and hot-rolled products according to different raw materials. Among them, the hot-rolled reflective aluminum sheet has better ductility and better bending ability, but the price is slightly higher. Cast-rolled reflective aluminum sheets are cost-effective, but for bending parts, our company still recommends choosing hot-rolled reflective aluminum sheets.

The use of reflective aluminum plate: reflective aluminum plate can actually be understood as an aluminum plate product with a mirror effect on the surface. The advantages of reflective aluminum plate are low density and light weight. Reflective aluminum plate is usually used in lamp lighting, such as reflective aluminum plate and pressed aluminum plate for lamp reflector. Bean grain and hammer grain embossed aluminum panels. For architectural decoration, such as reflective aluminum sheets and aluminum coils for ceilings, and mirror aluminum for integrated ceilings. For identification signs, such as reflective aluminum plates for signage and nameplate identification. And other decorations such as mirror aluminum for elevator interiors, cars, bags. Integrate suspended ceilings, lamps and lanterns lighting, household appliances, electronic products, handicrafts, advertising signs, interior decoration, cabinet edging and other industries.

Reflective aluminum sheet specifications: reflective aluminum sheets can be provided, fixed-length Kaiping reflective aluminum sheets, thickness 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1mm spot stock, can be cut into various specifications and sizes, can be cut into aluminum strips, single Surface film, other thickness parts are in stock, special specifications can be customized and processed, the thickness is between 0.2-2.0mm, and the width can be supplied within 1250mm.

Aluminium Coil  or Aluminum Plate Sheet Supplier RAYIWELL MFG can supply Aluminum plate refering to the aluminum material with a thickness of more than 0.2mm to less than 500mm, a width of more than 200mm, and a length of less than 16m. With the progress of large equipment, there are more aluminum plates that can be as wide as 600mm).

Aluminum plate refers to a rectangular plate processed by rolling aluminum ingots, which is divided into pure aluminum plate, alloy aluminum plate, thin aluminum plate, medium-thick aluminum plate, and patterned aluminum plate.

Aluminium Coil Aluminum Plate Sheet Supplier RAYIWELL MFG / RUIYI can offer aluminum sheet grade below

1000 series:1050,1060,1070,1080,1100,1145,1200,1235, etc.

2000 series:2014,2017,2018,2024,2025,2219, 2219,2618a etc.

3000 series:3003,3004,3102,3104,3105,3005, etc.

4000 series:4032,4043, 4017, etc

5000 series: 5005,5052,5454,5754,5083,5086,5182,5082, etc.

6000 series:6061,6063,6262,6101, etc

7000 series:7072,7075,7003 etc

8000 series: 8011, etc.

Temper of aluminum sheet: O, H, W, F, T

H:H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H32, H34, H111, H112, H114, H116

T: T0-T651

Size of aluminum sheet




Mother coil: CC or DC

Weight: About 2mt per pallet for general size

MOQ: 5ton per size

Protection: paper inter layer, white film, blue film, black-white film, micro bound film, according to your requirement.

Surface: clean and smooth, no bright speck, corrosion, oil, slotted, etc.

Standard product: GBT3880, JIS4000, EN485, ASTM-B209

Delivery time: about 30days after receiving the deposit

Payment: T/T, L/C at sight

Trading terms: FOB, CIF, CFR

Aluminum sheet coils have many applications as below

1. Lighting decorations 2. Solar reflectors 3. Building appearance 4. Interior decoration: ceilings, walls, etc. 5. Furniture, cabinets 6. Elevators 7. Signs, nameplates, bags 8. Car interior and exterior decoration 9. Interior decorations: such as Photo frame 10. Household appliances: refrigerators, microwave ovens, audio equipment, etc. 11. Aerospace and military aspects, such as China’s large aircraft manufacturing, Shenzhou spacecraft series, satellites, etc. 12. Mechanical parts processing 13. Mold manufacturing 14. Chemical or insulation pipe coating. 15. High-quality ship board

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