Color Coated & Painted Aluminum Coil – Manufacturers, Factory, Supplier, Exporters From China

Color Coated & Painted Aluminum Coil – Manufacturers, Factory, Supplier, Exporters From China

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Specification of color coated aluminum coil
Product: Color Coated Aluminum Coil / Aluminium sheet
Alloy AA1100, AA3003, AA3003, AA3105 or custom
Temper: H14, H24, H26, H44
Thickness: 0.25-1.5MM
Width: 100-2000MM
Color: All Ral Colors
Coating Thickness: 5-65um, Customized
Package Eye to wall, Eye to Sky, wooden pallet
Warranty: 5-15 years.



Painted aluminum coil is a type of aluminum sheet that has been coated to improve its appearance and durability. The color-coated aluminum coil satisfies particular industry standards. It is present in a variety of alloys, including AA1100, AA3003, and AA3105. It has many temper options, including H14, H24, H26, and H44, and ranges in thickness from 0.25 to 1.5 mm and width from 100 to 2000 mm. The coil has a vivid color scheme that matches every RAL hue. The coating options are in five to sixty-five-um thicknesses and include PE, HDPE, PVDF, FEVE, and NANO.

Xiaaluplate is a professional painted aluminum coil manufacturer. We have been color-coating for more than 20 years. The most dependable, effective, high-quality, and ecologically responsible production process. Coated aluminum coils are widely applicable in several industries, including construction, energy-efficient automobiles, and home appliances. They are also simple to handle.

Custom Color Coated Aluminum Coil Manufacturer

One of the many advantages of the Xiaaluplate color-coated aluminum coil is its aesthetic diversity. It is a design-friendly option because of the variety of available colors and finishes, as well as the customized coatings, including PE, HDPE, PVDF, FEVE, and NANO. Its protective coating, which shields against corrosion and UV radiation, guarantees endurance beyond appearance, extending lifespan and lowering maintenance expenses. Aluminum’s small weight makes it easy to handle and install, which is very useful for transportation and construction.

Color-coated aluminum coil manufacturer products are also popular because of their corrosion resistance. Thus, it can be useful outside without sacrificing structural integrity. Due to its flexibility, manufacturers can shape it in a variety of ways for ornamental, roofing, and cladding purposes. Its recyclable nature and environmental sustainability also support eco-friendly activities. Prepainted aluminum suppliers stand out as an appealing option that balances durability. Thus, it also provides environmental considerations and aesthetics across a variety of industries, all while offering a hefty warranty ranging from five to fifteen years.

Color Coated Aluminium Coils For Various Purposes

Color coated aluminum coil’s adaptable qualities allow for a wide range of industry applications. It is frequently useful in construction for facades, wall cladding, and roofing since it is lightweight, makes installation easier, and improves architectural ideas. The transportation industry uses the coil in the production of robust and lightweight vehicle parts.  

Because of its durability and range of brilliant colors, it is a favorite material for generating eye-catching displays in signage and advertising. Thus, a color coated aluminnum coil manufacturer provides an aluminum flexible coil, which can be useful in a variety of manufacturing processes to create complex forms and profiles for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, because of its corrosion resistance, it can be useful for external buildings like balconies, pergolas, and awnings.

In the electronics sector, it is useful to make casings and components. The recyclability of the material further complements eco-friendly packaging options. Color-coated aluminum coil is still essential in several industries, including electronics, signage, transportation, and construction, because of its strength, flexibility, and attractive appearance.

Global Painted Aluminum Coil Manufacturer – Xiaaluplate

Xiaaluplate is a pre-painted aluminum coil provider that provides excellent customer service, timely delivery, and products that exceed your expectations. Painted aluminum coils contain 98% aluminum and certain alloys for strength. This alloy has good corrosion resistance, formability, and weldability despite not being able to be hardened. Painted aluminum coil manufacturer is committed to working tirelessly and giving our clients top-notch services.

To provide our consumers with competent, timely service and a positive shopping experience, the company has always placed a strong emphasis on developing professional domestic and international sales. Xiaaluplate is a cutting-edge technology firm that combines sales, research, and development. Its in-house development team creates a variety of products to cater to the needs of its clientele. With alternatives like eye-to-wall, eye-to-sky, or wooden pallets, the product is thoughtfully packed. Painted aluminum coil offers a 5–15-year warranty that blends style and durability for a variety of applications.

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