How Much Does a Sheet of Diamond Plate Cost?

How Much Does a Sheet of Diamond Plate Cost?

On June 14th 2023 by admin

Diamond plate is popular for individuals searching for long-lasting and visually beautiful material. But what variables affect the price of diamond plates? And what are the available varieties? This blog explores these inquiries and offers current and useful responses.

What is the diamond plate?

A diamond plate is a metal sheet with raised patterns on it. It is useful in industrial and commercial environments where durability and slip resistance are essential. Also, its designs help friction and lower the likelihood of falls and slides. It is available in various thicknesses, widths, and patterns in several materials, including steel and aluminum. Thus, the price of these plates varies depending on different factors. Let’s see the factors that affect the cost of the diamond plate below.

Factors affecting the cost of diamond plate

Diamond plate is a popular and adaptable material that is utilized in a range of industries. Various parameters influence its price, including material type, thickness, size, and design.

The cost of aluminum diamond plates is often lower than steel diamond plates regarding material kinds. The thicker ones are much more expensive than, the thinner plate. Since larger diamond plates need more money to ship and store, size also has a considerable impact on diamond plate prices. Lastly, various designs like 3-bar, 5-bar, or solid have various pricing.

It is important to note that cutting fees and shipping expenses should also be considered when acquiring a diamond plate. Thus, they can have a major impact on the final price. So, the price of the diamond sheet varies on the above factor. 

Types of diamond plate

Diamond plate is available in a variety of kinds and structures to satisfy a variety of purposes. Steel and aluminum diamond plates are two of the most popular varieties. Diamond plate made of aluminum is lightweight, resistant to corrosion, and simple to maintain. It is appropriate for various uses, such as staircases, gym floors, and trailers. On the other hand, steel diamond plates are more robust and heavy. It is frequently used in industrial environments for flooring, catwalks, and truck beds. Both types offer benefits and drawbacks, and the decision ultimately comes down to the project’s specifications.

Cost of aluminum diamond plate

Diamond plates made of aluminum are a common choice since they are lightweight, simple to work with, and rust-free. When purchasing by the square, you should anticipate paying between $3 and $6 per square foot. According to diamond sheet manufacturers, the size and thickness of the aluminum sheet affect the cost per sheet. A standard 4′ by 8′ sheet of aluminum diamond plate typically costs $500 to $600. Remember that you will also need to account for shipping fees and cuts. An aluminum diamond plate is a flexible and cost-effective option for many applications.

Cost of steel diamond plate

The price of steel diamond plates varies depending on a few things. Usually, the price per square foot falls between $10 and $30. However, depending on the size and thickness, the cost per sheet might vary from $100 to $1,500. The price of the plate increases with its thickness. The pattern on steel diamond plates may also affect price, just like it might with aluminum diamond plates. So, when examining the price of steel diamond plates, be sure to take these things into account. Although it costs more, it is heavier and stronger than aluminum.

Additional expenses to take into account: Remember that shipping and cutting fees must be considered when ordering a sheet of diamond plate. These factors can increase the price of the plate. So, before the purchase, look at all the additional prices. 


A sheet of diamond plate can range in price based on the material type, thickness, size, pattern, cutting charges, and shipping expenses, to name a few. Diamond plates made of aluminum are less expensive than steel plates. The kind of diamond plate you select will ultimately depend on your demands and budget to strike the proper mix between cost, toughness, and beauty.

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