Factors Affecting The Anodizing Aluminum Cost

Factors Affecting The Anodizing Aluminum Cost

On May 27th 2021 by admin

Concerning the cost of anodized aluminum, though it depends on various requirements, three factors mark anodizing aluminum cost. The anodizing aluminum metal cost mainly depends on the width of the coating, the size and shape, and the desirable extra services.

Coating Thickness

If no specific thickness is necessary for the coating type, it is “basic” and is the least costly.

Controlling particular coating thickness distresses cost. The coating thickness specifications comprise upper and lower limits. The narrower the range, the higher price. For instance, +/- .001” is less costly than the tighter range of +/- .0001”. Extreme coating thicknesses can also cost more as they take longer to create.


Racking is significant to quality. You can use aluminum or commercially titanium racks to create electrical contact. If the work does not specify racking necessities, the manufacturer can utilize the most cost-effective method to advance the highest yield. Specific racking requirements will limit the number of parts processed simultaneously, and the cost per part can go up.

Several parts anodized at one time is posh by power supply limitations. An anodized aluminum sheet can perform at 15 or 30 (ASF) amps per square foot. Therefore, there is a maximum surface area that can process in each run.


Customers require different processes to augment the anodizing aluminum process. When parts want complex or straightforward masking or if you have to plug holes, these services add labor and time. Though those services add worth, they also increase the total anodizing aluminum price.

Above anodizing aluminum methods, you can choose which process is more appropriate or suitable for your metal and many other prototype parts. If you want some solutions to deal with the exterior fish of functional aluminum parts that face corrosion or wear, like aircraft parts or consumer goods. Post-processing is more affordable than painting and powder coating.


How To Create High-Quality Anodizing Aluminum Parts?

Quality anodized aluminum sheet process. The envisioned colors and glosses of final aluminum anodized parts will be slightly pretentious by anodizing technology.

You can select quality aluminum supplies to surface preparation before anodizing parts. When anodizing small amounts, the anodizing result will be pretentious by the aluminum material composition.

The reliable and advanced CNC milling service can get the tight machining patience to improve the surface quality for finishing aluminum parts.


The anodized aluminum metal strengthens the performance in corrosion resistance and offers better adhesion for paint readers and glues than plain metal dose. You can use anodizing film for aesthetic purposes, either with thick absorbent coatings that can absorb dyes or thin translucent layers. It can add interference effects to light reflection. Regarding concerns of anodizing aluminum cost, customers and manufacturers have to focus on the desirable thickness, numbers of racking, and extra want to make rational production decisions.

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