Benefits & Uses of Aluminum Diamond Plates

Benefits & Uses of Aluminum Diamond Plates

On May 21st 2018 by admin

Are you looking for something to provide your workers that is totally safe for their industrial job application? Aluminum Diamond plate is an option that can be selected without getting any second thoughts. It is durable, and an excellent material to reduce slips and falls throughout your job site.

Whether we call it a diamond plate, or a checker plate; it’s actually a type of metal stock which comes with a regular pattern of raised diamonds or lines on one side, with the reverse side being featureless. It is made of aluminum or stainless steel.

The diamond plate made of aluminum is a best choice when it comes to look for product with combination of strong durability and exterior looks. This product is widely used in stairs, ramps, industrial walkways, kick plates and in all those applications where material is subjected to elements of daily wear and tear.

These plates comes in variety of dimensions and sizes, ranging from as thin as 0.025 inches to as thick as 0.125 inches.

How these plates are made?

The aluminum diamond plate is made in two following ways;

Stamped – In this method, an aluminum is rolled between smooth and diamond pattern giant roller, then pressure is applied which enables diamond pattern on one side to be transferred.

Electronic thermal machine – With the help of electronic thermal machine, the aluminum is first flash heated, this makes it molten to come in diamond shape, before it goes to heating.

Through either process, the combination of heat and pressure are used to create the desired thickness. Diamond plate aluminum will always be characterized by one smooth side, while the other is textured. Some notable features of aluminum plate are;

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Hygienic
  • Slip resistant
  • Attractive

Important tip – Before approaching your desired aluminum checker plate manufacturers, first make sure is it product made of any of these methods mentioned above?

Some best features & Advantages of using Aluminum Trade Plates

1.  It’s tough

Since aluminum trade plates are made from hot-rolled Aluminum sheets and comes in a range of thicknesses, so they’re very tough, and won’t get affected with any circumstances. Aluminum doesn’t rust like steel, and the sheets are strikingly strong to wear.

It means you don’t need to stress over earth and soggy harming it. Truth be told, cleaning and keeping up it is a basic matter of brushing or hosing it down and wiping with a fabric to evacuate any imprints. Cared for, it should a years ago.

2.  It doesn’t slip

Either you take it as a feature or benefit, it raises plate standard and usefulness in all aspects. The aluminum diamond plate never slips, as the raised pattern on diamond plate results in excellent anti-skid properties.

It can be proved by using this product in outdoors walkways and ramps, where safety comes as first concern. You can also purchase embellished precious stone plate, where the example is stamped into the Aluminum as opposed to raise at first glance. This additionally has a decent non-slip impact.

3.  It’s easy to machine and work with

Regardless of being highly durable, yet aluminum diamond plate is a best material to work with. It is easy to drill, cut, and bend, so you shouldn’t have any issues in framing it into a surface of the correct shape. In the event that you just need to cover the floor, at that point simply permit a little edge on the measurement.

4.  It has an appealing look

Aluminum diamond plates have an appealing look due to its raised pattern and the natural shine of Aluminum. Its combined durability and visual appeal makes it ideal to use for truck beds and other such similar applications.

5.  High Cost modern material

Aluminum diamond plate is amongst one of the high-cost modern resources, there are many types of furniture in a wide range of uses including; air conditioners, cars, refrigerators, platforms, screen skeleton, packaging pipes, a variety of hanging beams, table legs, Handle, cable trough and cover, chair, and so on.

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