Aluminum Tread Plate: 6061 VS. 3003

Aluminum Tread Plate: 6061 VS. 3003

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What is an Aluminum Treadplate?

The aluminum tread plate is used for providing protection and traction on high traffic areas, it is also known as diamond plate. It is light in weight, strong, and widely used as an antis-kid plate in the ship, auto building in the construction, and transportation industries.

Besides, it is also used for providing slip resistance, and traction.

Why is it more beneficial than steel plate?

Obviously, the aluminum plate is lighter and anti-rust, hence it can be easily used for years’ time, and still, it will retain its high value after being replaced.

Specifications of Aluminum Tread Plate

Following are the few basic, yet the most significant specifications of aluminum tread plate, these specifications should be your focus point when you hire any aluminum checker plate manufacturer for your next project. Make sure, their product meet all the mentioned key criteria’s such as;

Grade: 1050, 1060, 1100, 3003, 3105, 5052, 5083, 5754, 6061, etc.

  • Thickness: maximum 6.35mm
  • Length: it should be maximum around 12000mm
  • Temper: H14/H154 H24/H254 H26/H274 H18/H194 H32/H334, etc.
  • Tread height: 1.0mm – 1.5mm
  • Width: 1600mm max.
  • Tread length: 35mm – 50mm

Types of Aluminum plates & which one is better?

There are not typical types or individual variants of aluminum plates, rather they’re divided according to their amount of width, dimension, and thickness. In other words, there are no typical variants of these tread plates, rather it’s recognized by two different model numbers based on its amount of dimension and thickness.

For instance, Aluminum 6061-T6 Tread Plate and Aluminum 3003-H22

Both of these aluminum plates provide excellent workability, corrosion resistance, and weldability. The raised precious stone example gives all around footing to help diminish slides or slips. Still, would you like to know the differences between both? Let’s compare both in terms of few striking features of both aluminum tread plates.

Aluminum Tread Plate – 6061-T6

The aluminum tread plate t6 is an excellent alternative to Diamond Pattern Steel Tread Floor Plate and Stainless Tread. This tread plate is well able to treat heat and strongly resistant to corrosion. Since it possesses a high strength-weight ratio, that’s what makes it a frequently used structural alloy, furthermore, most adaptable of the warmth treatable aluminum combinations.

This material is as solid as mellow steel – making it a mainstream broadly useful compound. This material has a T6 temper meaning it has been arrangement warm treated and falsely matured to a steady condition, expanding quality and hardness.

Since this combination is harder, it has great machinability. Our 6061-T6 aluminum tread plate is dispatched with a factory complete and takes complete well. Online Metals stocks three thicknesses of Aluminum 6061-T6 Tread Plate, from 0.125″, 0.1875″ and 0.25″ thick.

Aluminum Tread Plate – 3003-H22

Unlike aluminum tread plate 6006, this one is not well treatable to heat, but yes, it possesses incredible welding properties and has an excellent workability, and it can also be brazed. In spite of the fact that aluminum 3003 is around 20% more grounded than the 1100 arrangement, it is still to some degree delicate and hard to machine. This material has an H22 temper meaning it has been strain-solidified and somewhat toughened to about ¼ hard.

The basic sign to recognize top quality aluminum plate 3003 is, it contains a Brite Finish, with a brilliant shine which makes it easy to clean and highly reflective. This shiny finish, and bright aluminum 3003-H22 diamond pattern tread sheet/plate is all the more regularly utilized as a part of beautifying and restorative applications. Online Metals stocks five thicknesses of Brite Finished Aluminum 3003-H22 Tread Sheet and Plate: 0.0625″, 0.08″, 0.1″, 0.125″, and 0.25″ thick.

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