China C12000 C11000 C12200 Pure Red Copper Plate Copper Sheet factory

China C12000 C11000 C12200 Pure Red Copper Plate Copper Sheet factory

Pure Copper C1100 has been widely used for conductive parts due to its highest conductivity and thermal conductivity among industrial materials, and is also actively used in piping and water faucet parts with its excellent spreadability and corrosion resistance

Copper has been one of the metals significantly used in industrial and consumer products. Copper is a characteristically reddish metal of bright luster. It is a highly malleable and ductile metal, a good conductor of heat and, when very pure, a good conductor of electricity. Available in bare, pipe, block, coil, sheet, plate, we deliver copper various forms to service the needs of a wide range of industries, including automotive, pharmaceutical, and electrical.

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Copper plate has the following main properties :

1) Excellent cutting performance and machining delicate, and it applied to blank and key industries.

2) With workpiece, bright and clean surface and good corrosion resistance, which applied to steam, solution pipelines, coins, doors and windows.

3) High tensile strength, its application includes: bolts, nuts, gaskets, bearings, containers.

4) Good hot rolling and hot forging performance. Its application range: various  heat exchangers such as automobile water tanks; metal casting molds; inductor water-cooled coils.

5) High conductivity, various power, it is applied to telecommunication transmission cables, various switches, connectors, busbar, generators, waveguides, printed circuit boards, lead frames.

6) With elegant colors, which applied to lamps, trophies, clothing accessories, musical instruments, sculptures.

Product Name
copper sheet
C10100, C10400, C10500, C10700, C10910, C11000, C12200, C12300, C14200, C14420, C14530, C15100, etc
Thickness: 0.1-120mm

Width: 2-2500mm
Length: 1m,2m,3m,6m,or as required
Mill, polished, bright, mirror, hair line, brush, checkered, antique, sand blast, etc
Brass plate has a high corrosion resistance, and have good plasticity,in the air easy to cold and hot pressure processing,easy to
welding, forging and tin, no stress corrosion cracking the tendency.
Price Term
Payment Term
T/T,L/C, Western union
Samples can be supplied with samples’ charges.
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