Aluminum Perforated Plate

Aluminum Perforated Plate

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Aluminum Perforated plate is processed in a wide range of round, square, slotted, decorative, and even odd-shaped perforations from numerous metal sheets. The most common percentage of open areas is between 30% and 50% although more extreme open areas are available depending on the perforation. The Perforated aluminum plate is made up of aluminum is excellent at resisting moisture and strong for its light-weight.

Aluminum sheet perforated metal is rust free and free of maintenance all through the working life. Diamond pattern aluminum sheet is slip-resistant and cosmetically appealing for hundreds of decorative applications.


Our perforated aluminum plate has brilliant, high polished, reflective shine or a dull mill finish.

Features and Uses:

Perforated aluminum can be used in flooring, wall panels, decoration, metal partitions, security guards, and many other applications.

Perforated aluminum partitions can be used as physical barriers for automated machinery and other facilities. This is a simple but effective way to protect employees from the dangers presented by this equipment. Panels mounted along the perimeter of a work cell provide “fool-proof protection” from the hazardous area.

Patterns available:

  • Diamond
  • Checker
  • Round
  • Decorative

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